L8wrtr star wars

I am trying to get my hands on L8wrtr's Prequel Trilogy because they seem to be highly rated on fanedit. The problem I'm having with getting them from fanedit. It would be much faster and easier for me if I could find a torrent for them instead. Is there anyone on here who could possibly help me with this? Since noone has offered to help me with this, I've started downloading them the slow way. When I'm done I can upload them to MySpleen if there's demand for that but other people will have to keep them alive through seeding.

It's going to take me a while to download the other two. Hi deepanddark20 Did you manage to download these before Fanedit. Have a very fast internet connection.

Let me know if I can help, L8's edits need to be free ;- Guy. I am new to fan edits and this forum but a longtime SW fan. I managed to get them all in bluray on Usenet. I had to work out his to use it though. Two were straight bluray rips iso and one was a converted mkv I think. They're well worth the effort of locating. Thanks a lot for getting back to me!

l8wrtr star wars

Did you have to pay for Usenet? Any chance you could create a torrent? Yep, I did pay for usenet - Just read up about it. I used Giganews and cancelled my account after one month When I posted my first message I'd no idea about using Usenet but there's plenty of info on the net youtube is great for tutorials. I had a seed warning a couple of years ago from my ISP so I can't risk torrenting, sorry.

I downloaded this BD25being an avid Star Wars fan but not an obsessive one. This one was recommended in a thread on here.

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I also watched hal's and thought no offence to him but this is the better edit. Though some combination of hal's and this would be the "perfect" happy medium. I'm not ambitious enough to go there with that thinking. There seems to be no info on that using PC in a blu-ray software player, both streams list ac3 kbps. Why is there 2 exactly the same?? I'm not saying you can't enjoy a lossy fan edit, but Id never watch my purchased blu-ray again if this was in lossless.

I've noticed there doesn't seem to be much interest in the fanedit community of doing lossless audio. Not really sure why, for anyone going to the extra effort to do an HD Blu-Ray edit. Seems like they'd want that extra quality in the soundtrackStar Wars is one of the most popular movie series of all time.

Fans have constantly tried to reinterpret and evaluate the Star Wars saga ever since its original mastermind, George Lucas, embarked on the Special Editions of the original trilogy in The seemingly superfluous additions to the sacred trilogy were kind of like a dry run for the CGI-centric prequels that followed a few years later.

Those forced fans to address the major narrative problems and visual effects tinkering that Lucas kept inflicting on movies everyone had already come to love. Fans, in other words, have continually been taking it upon themselves to save Star Wars from itself.

The fans are here to help. Here are some of the best fan edits out there. Yes, Topher Grace, a. It turns out Grace is a Star Wars fan that may have had some time on his hands about four years ago and took it upon himself to compress the prequels into one minute movie.

The actor showed his cut only once in a now semi-legendary private screening in of industry friends because there were obviously huge legal issues that prevented him from screening the edit in public.

l8wrtr star wars

It not only clarifies the story, but makes the film a lot more action-packed. One fearless young YouTube user named JeremyMWest-Esquire did the world some justice and created a prequel edit that people can actually watch. So he took a crack at polishing the turd that is The Phantom Menace to the best of his ability.

He removed entire sequences, tightened the podrace, and excised a lot of Jar-Jar. The cut gets the job done by trimming the fat and, obviously, removes a lot of the cheesiness. The prequels have been well-covered, but the original trilogy needs some work as well. While not strictly a fan edit, the project seems like a labor of love by a real fan.

They also just announced ways other fans can take it upon themselves to clean up their original version of The Empire Strikes Back as well. In the lengthy but cogent blog postsoftware developer and Star Wars fan Rod Hilton sets out a way to experience the saga by simply rearranging the movies. The Machete Order keeps the saga focused on Luke, while developing the story around him.

This allows him to drop The Phantom Menace altogether — an inspired deletion, come to think of it, befitting a genius fan edit. Enter: the Despecialized Editions. Picture bootleg tapes passed around by band superfans, the basement tapes before The Basement Tapes became an official Dylan release. Sean Hutchinson. Is this the face of the biggest creative force behind 'Star Wars' since George Lucas? Getty Images. Related Tags Star Wars. Results for:.If this is your first time here please read our FAQ and Rules pages.

They have some useful information that will get us all off on the right foot. More details on our policies, especially our Own the Source rule are available here.

If you do not understand any of these rules send a private message to one of our staff for further details. Lost Password? Thread Modes. MCP Overlord. L8wrtr's edits convey this much better; Anakin is in rage mode, beats Dooku, and simply cuts his head off and immediately regrets it Palpatine's famous but silly "DEWIT" line is gone.

This works much better because it fits with the instinct he has toward merciless revenge we saw in AOTC as opposed to fairly silly urging by Palpatine. The edits from here to the crash landing are perfect, as well the first interactions between Anakin and Padme, Anakin's nightmare, etc. Bravo, L8wrtr. Unfortunately, The choice of putting the famous opera scene here is jarring, and simply doesn't work.

I think I can appreciate L8wrtr's intention, but having Palpatine rescued by the Jedi and then two scenes later literally overnight telling Anakin that the Jedi are planning to betray him comes off as forced and silly. It also diminishes the context of their meeting The day after the attack, Palpatine makes a request to the Jedi that Anakin should hang out with him at an opera for no reason?

The original placement of the scene worked much better; here it's simply jarring. In fact, L8wrtr's decisions in reshuffling the sequences regarding the Anakin-as-a-double-agent plot simply don't work and the narrative flow is less logical than in the original.

This and L8wrtr's masterful editing of the opening sequences are the best overall changes of the edit. There are many more subtle edits throughout the rest of the film that are for the better, including the Mace vs Palpatine duel and Anakin's submission to Palpatine. The fact that Anakin helped kill Windu and is now leading an assault on the Jedi Temple is enough for the audience to know that he's become a villain.

The scene where Bail watches clonetroopers kill a Jedi adolescent is enough to convey that ALL Jedi in the temple were killed including kids.If this is your first time here please read our FAQ and Rules pages. They have some useful information that will get us all off on the right foot. More details on our policies, especially our Own the Source rule are available here. If you do not understand any of these rules send a private message to one of our staff for further details.

Lost Password? Thread Modes. MCP Overlord. I do like having as complete as possible a Star Wars chronology; it is interesting that the majority of the films in the chronology are fanedits! L8wrtr has made two films in that chronology I deem essential go-tos this one and Republic Divided ; his Hobbit edit is also one of my absolute treasured miracles of fanediting. Alas, completely salvaging "The Phantom Menace" my suspicions on the new Star Wars movie began with this titleshort of re-shooting, is a mammoth task.

Adywan has stated he will no longer attempt to tackle the prequels, and that's fine. The tendency for performances in Star Wars movies to be second-tier priorities began in ROTJ, continued throughout the prequels, and was thankfully jettisoned by JJ Abrams. But l8wrtr has made something here worth noting. I don't even remember how much awfulness permeated TPM, since I've been watching only fanedits for years now and comparing them.

What do I like about this one compared to others to recommend it first? I don't know why people think this is innocuous enough to be left in; it is Lucas at his most shameless.

Prequel trilogy

Now, the podrace, sans music, announcers, and in its entirety, is thrilling by any standard. It introduces the Gungans, who obviously play major in the final act, and also gives us an explanation as to why the hell Qui-Gon allows Jar Jar to follow him around. Too many fanedits eliminate this scene; here it's kept in and tastefully recreated although the TMNT Nintendo game antics of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon swimming in the water are still there.

Now we 'get' Jar Jar's need to be around and "me-so" everything. Leave it to Yoda and Windu to have the final exchange. More on this below. Although I do tend to look at Jar Jar with different eyes since all of this Jar Jar as Sith Lord insanity has come to light in forums, either way, he has never been as charming as "goofy Yoda" will always be. What could have been salvaged, but wasn't? And that work is really, really well-done.

Could such work be used here?

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The 'divine birth' has no real bearing on the story, and is as expendable as midichlorians. The one line, however, that still galls me is "my life is here, my future is here".

l8wrtr star wars

While I can understand a mother saying such things to her child in a situation like this, the film's utter lack of self-consciousness about the line is what bugs me. Her "future" as a slave? Ewan gives the film's lone performance worth anything. Liam looks like he'd rather be back in Poland in the snow than in this movie. One's worse than the other. ANYONE who found worth in Portman based on this performance deserves to be commended, because she is utterly unsalvageable I've seen more life looking at my toaster - when it's off.

Short of re-shoots Adywan, where are youuuuuuuu?????By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I seem to recall a "Phantom Edit" version of Star Wars Episode I being created by fans in the wake of disappointment in the movie.

Did this continue through the prequels, or did this practice stop? If the entire prequel trilogy didn't get "Phantom Edited", why? Did LucasArts attempt to quash this movement, or did a lack of fan interest in remaking the prequels halt the progress? While Mike Nichols two edits are the most famous fanedits of the Prequel Trilogies, they are dozens upon dozens of Star Wars fanedits and many of them push the level of improvement and visual quality far beyond what Nichols achieved.

Most faneditors focus on the Prequels, but some have ventured into the Original Trilogoy. There are over 60 Star Wars fanedits, and they can be found www. For a list of all Star Wars fanedits, their Star Wars page is a great resource. There are many fantastic edits out there, with a variety of approaches, due to the sheer volume of Star Wars fans out there with their own visions of how to improve the Prequel Trilogy. Regarding your follow-up question about how Fanedit. First time editors must have their first edit 'approved' in order to be formally listed on the site.

Reviewers are encouraged to evaluate the edit on both technical merit are the edits seamless or jarring? Is the audio smooth or abrupt? How does the video quality compare to the original etc. Did they try something bold and original? Currently the site does not provide a side-by-side comparison of each set all Epiosode I edits, all Episode II edits etc but there is a greatest Star Wars fanedit pageall edits on this page have received at minimum 5 votes averaging 8.

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Due to their fame and history, Mike Nichols edits have the highest score of any traditional style edit for episodes I and II, although most familiar with the full spectrum of SW fanedits will admit they are both outdated, particularly Episode I, plus many gripe about his non-cannon style opening crawl which is a letter instead of a set-up.

This is a mind-blowing edit of Episode IV.

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It is the most original, outlandish and bold version of Episode IV. Incorporating deleted footage, alternate sound sources and alternate angles, it creates Star Wars as you've never seen it.

This stunning edit of Episode IV took years to complete and seeks to address the staggering number of flaws that Lucas didn't address in his special edition.

L8wrtr Trilogy Trailer

From color timing to improved special effects, once you watch this, it becomes your 'go-to' version of Episode IV. Attack of the Clones: Super 8 cut by Rogue-theX. Attack of the Clones in 34 minutes, as if it were a super 8 cheap cut of the film.

Fun, fast and original. I: Attack of the Phantom. Apparently, since the original release of these edits, the "Phantom Editor" has since been revealed to be Mike J. I have not heard of any mention of an Episode III edit. I think there was only the edit of The Phantom Menace - I'm sure it's still around on some Torrent networks. Basically, any scene with Jar-Jar was carefully edited to remove this character along with references to him - and I think annoying things like Anakin's " yippee " were cut out.

Bear in mind - without access to stored footage, the edit could only cut footage, not introduce new scenes. There is also a cut called Episode 3. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality.

Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. Remove this message when finished. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. The prequel trilogy is the second installment of films of the Star Wars saga to be produced.

They were released from to It primarily focuses on a young Darth Vader, then Jedi Anakin Skywalkerand an accompanying Obi-Wan Kenobi and the story of how they went from being friends to enemies and the tragedy of Anakin's descent into the dark side, as well as the origin of how the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire.

The saga begins with a child Anakin Skywalkerthe future Darth Vaderbeing discovered by legendary Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinnwho senses the boy's enormous potential. It is here that Skywalker first encounters the young Obi-Wan Kenobiwho himself is still but a pupil. After a debate with the Jedi Councilone which includes the possible resurface of the Sith in addition to Skywalker, it is decided that Anakin will not be trained as a Jedi.

At the end of the film, the Sith, Darth Maulleads an attack against the Jedi on Naboo, and only the tragic death of Qui-Gon at his hands persuades the Jedi to reconsider their decision. Anakin Skywalker then becomes Obi-Wan's apprentice in the ways of the Force.

During the course of her protection, the two become entwined in a romantic relationship, furthering Anakin's future fall from the Jedi ways. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan discovers that, for years, Kaminoans have been growing and training clones for use by the Republic.

This discovery also brings Jango Fett and his son Boba out of hiding. Anakin, after his mother is brutally murdered by Tusken Raiders on Tatooinefeels the pull of the dark side growing stronger in himself and his surroundings. They are also captured after a brief scuffle, and the trio are nearly executed in the arena.

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Moments before this, many Jedi appear and begin attacking the native Geonosians and battle droids alike. The Senate gives newly elected Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine emergency powers to raise an army of clones cloned from the notorious bounty hunter Jango Fett to combat the rising Separatist threat.

These clones are also dispatched to Geonosis to attack the Confederacy. The film opens with a brutal attack on Coruscant. When Clone War veterans Skywalker and Kenobi are dispatched to rescue him, Dooku is killed but the droid general escapes. Palpatine has managed to gain almost unlimited power over the Galactic Senateand Anakin, who is pushed closer and closer to the dark side of the Forcehas become close friends with him, deeply troubling his fellow Jedi.

Leading an army of clones, Kenobi finds and destroys the droid general.Lucas has said that the movie influenced him to tell the story of Star Wars from the viewpoint of the humble droids, rather than a major player. The screenplay There are many myths surrounding the writing of Star Wars, many perpetuated by Lucasfilm and George Lucas himself. See reviews details on a wide selection of Blu-ray DVDs, both. With days service until the event, attendance is looking extremely positive so far.

The strong appeal of the Star Wars story probably accounts for its enduring popularity; it has also been postulated that this eyes popularity is based on nostalgia. Your daily dose of Star Wars.

News and rumors concerning the Star Wars movies, books, comics, toys, and games. Fan art, fan fiction, and links. Frustrated that his story was too hard to understand, Lucas then wrote a page treatment called The Star Wars, which was a loose remake of Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress.

l8wrtr star wars

Officially-licensed Star Wars novels have been published since the original movie was released in The official Star Wars Celebration website has just announced that in addition to all 3-day tickets selling out last month, now, all Saturday Adult passes are gone.

InLucas sued the creators of Battlestar Galactica for its similarity to Star Wars, although the case was dismissed as having no merit in by a U. Vector Prime introduced a new threat called the Yuuzhan Vong to the saga. For the second draft, Lucas made heavy simplifications, and also introduced the young hero on a farm, with his name now Luke rather than Anakin. George Lucas has often said that his original idea for the project that evolved into Star Wars was to remake the Flash Gordon movie serials from the s a "serial" is a movie shown in weekly installments of about minutes each.

The film grossed over million at the box office and was dollar-for-dollar the most profitable film in the history of Hollywood at the time. The Star Wars story has been presented in a series of. The Star Wars mythos is also the basis of many toys and games of varying types.

Im writing my BA paper on Star is stuff helps!

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In interviews, Lucas tells of rubbing the new props with dirt to make them look weatherworn.

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